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Data Analytics & Data Science

Data is a lot more than numbers on a spreadsheet. It’s business currency, and using it wisely is the difference between success and failure in many cases. This course shows you how to take seemingly random points of data and turn them into the actionable insights that a business needs through technology. The skill of using data to provide these insights is very valuable and this programme provides a unique hands-on learning opportunity.


Ux Designer/Developer

User experience design is a very critical part of software systems that focuses on how the users use the system. How intuitive is the interface? How easy is it to use without looking through a manual? Does it render data in a way that the user can make sense of it? This and many other aspects are covered in this specialization.


Full stack Python developer

Python is the most adopted programming language 3 years in a row.

From website development to sophisticated machine learning, Python is quickly establishing itself as a global standard. End-to-end app development using Python is a skill that is in great demand.


AWS Cloud Developer

83% of enterprise software will be on the cloud by 2020! - Forbes.com

The need for software specialists skilled in development and deployment of innovative cloud-native apps is growing exponentially. Be part of that technology revolution by learning from the best of the best!


Product Management

If managing teams and creating products is your thing (or if you’d like to find out if it is), then the product management specialization is a great place to get your feet wet. Product managers are problem solvers, team players and idea gurus. Software Product Management is a great career choice, especially if you are pursuing an education in business studies or have worked in a technical role.