Hands-on Python

Python is among the fastest adopted programming languages in the world for everything starting from web app development to machine learning algorithms. This course will teach you the fundamentals of sound python programming including best practices for clean code. Includes plenty of examples and exercises to get you comfortable to write code in Python.


Hands-on Cloud App Development

Cloud-based platforms are not the future anymore - they’re the present. All software pros are expected to work on the cloud and you’ll need to know your way around that space. Beginning from understanding the fundamentals of cloud and its nuances to writing code for cloud-native apps – this hands-on workshop prepares you for everything.  You will learn why it makes sense to use a microservices architecture for cloud apps and practice implementation using real-world scenarios and deploy your app on the Google Cloud Platform or Amazon Web Services.


Hands-on Mobile App Development

Mobile apps are the way businesses instantly connect to customers where they spend most of their time: on their smartphone. A well-designed app, rich in functions is something almost every business needs, which means tons of opportunity for jobs and experience. Designing and building out a clean app with rich functions is a niche skill. This course shows you how to build user and business friendly iOS and Android apps.


Hands-on IoT Development

IoT - The internet of things takes otherwise ordinary devices and makes them smart and connected. Think smart homes, smart buildings and smart cars, for example. In a world where everything is smart these days, you need to know how to build complex IoT solutions. A very specialized approach using a unique set of technologies is essential to build a successful IoT solution. This programme provides an in-depth understanding of just that, using a hands-on approach.


Hands-on Blockchain

Everyone in the tech industry is excited about the possibilities of blockchain, and you should be too. It’s set to revolutionize the world of finance, healthcare, supply chain and so much more. This course shows you how Blockchain works and how to program with it. This one-of-a-kind course will teach you hands-on, the core fundamentals of Blockchain and programming smart contracts.


Hands-on DevOps

Today’s businesses roll out new features faster than you can blink. That means they have to have a killer DevOps strategy. This course takes real world examples and shows you how to apply problem solving skills at a real world pace. Through use of case studies and hands-on exercises, participants understand the entire cycle and learn essential tools.


Introduction to Data Science

Data is a lot more than numbers on a spreadsheet. It’s business currency, and using it wisely is the difference between success and failure in many cases. This course shows you how to take seemingly random points of data and turn them into the actionable insights that a business needs through technology. The skill of using data to provide these insights is very valuable and this programme provides a unique hands-on learning opportunity.


Ux Design

User experience design is a very critical part of software systems that focuses on how the users use the system. How intuitive is the interface? How easy is it to use without looking through a manual? Does  it render data in a way that the user can make sense of it? This and many other aspects are covered in this master class.



Software security is always a top priority for businesses, so it needs to be on top of your mind too. This course delves into the intense and complicated world of cyber security and how to implement it in your next role. You will learn the prominence of cyber security and its implementation.


Product Management 101

If managing teams and creating products is your thing (or if you’d like to find out if it is), then the product management course is a great place to get your feet wet. Product managers are problem solvers, team players and idea gurus. Software Product Management is a great career choice, especially if you are pursuing an education in business studies or have worked in a technical role.


Apply Agile & Design Thinking

Design Thinking is a methodology that enables practitioners to build a better product & provide a meaningfully better customer experience. Agile is a widely used approach that complements Design Thinking to complete the full development cycle. It enables faster time to market by focusing on collaboration over process. In this exercise driven course, we bring agility and design thinking together to create a more efficient and creative way of transforming work.


Hands-on Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence is a real tool that businesses are employing right now to get ahead. This course introduces you to the real applications (not the science fiction) of machine learning and AI, showing you how to apply it to drive more efficient, smarter tech. This course gives you a first-hand insight into building meaningful applications using Machine Learning and AI in the domain of business and industrial applications.


Communication for the global professional

Communication is key.

Communication can make or break a business. When you’re able to say or write what you mean in a concise, professional manner, things just get done easier and faster. From interviewing to writing an email, this course gives you a foundation of good listening, speaking, writing and reading skills that you’ll need no matter what task is before you.


Making effective presentations

Great expectations. Great presentations.

Everyone has sat through their share of boring, poorly planned presentations. But, it does not have to be that way. This course helps you understand your audience and develop a message that suits them and gets them to take the action you desire. It’s a crucial skill for any professional in the tech field, and one you definitely won’t want to miss out on. Presenting an idea or a message is much more than making a riveting deck of slides. It involves being able to get the audience’s attention, customize your message, enthuse the participants into agreeing to your proposal or actions. This is an absolutely critical skill to have for every professional.