A guide to launching your software career

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Congratulations to those of you who will soon be proud graduates with a shiny new degree!  Pause to reflect on your journey from a boisterous high-school kid to working your tail off to get into the college of your choice and then the roller coaster ride called  college life. The good news - you made it through the hard part.  That’s not to say everything is easy from here on - but you now have a world of choices in front of you and the world is your oyster after all.

If you are still reading this, it is likely that you have zeroed in on a  career in software development and are waiting for me to get to the point as advertised in the title.  Some of you probably got a plum offer as part of campus placements while others did not get what you were looking for. And that’s ok.

There was no such thing as campus placements when I started on my journey as a young starry-eyed graduate with a love for programming. But, the journey has been no less rewarding.

In this series, I will lay out what I believe (as someone who has been a technologist for more than 2 decades) are things that you must know as you set out on this journey - think of it as a cheat sheet with tips and tricks. 

In the next part- “what are my options ?”

About the Author :

Nagen Nyamgondalu is the Co-founder & Principal Advisor at Skill Velocity. After over two decades of technology leadership roles in software majors like IBM, and leading a spin-off as Director of Engineering at Honeywell, Nagen bootstrapped the concept of SkillVelocity. A true blue technologist at heart, he has a Masters degree in Software Engineering from Brandeis University, USA. 

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