It all starts with employability…

We Offer Training in Tech, Data, Design, Business, and More

Today’s connected, complex global economy requires a workforce skilled in technology. skill.velocity’s robust suite of courses includes all the fundamental pillars of innovation to give students and early career individuals asolid foundation for future career growth and success.

We offer programs in core proficiencies like DevOps and Design Thinking, technical specializations like Blockchain and Data Science and professional must-haves like effective presentation and communication skills.

Time is money and our courses have been designed to best help fit in their busy schedules. Our students can choose from a range of short form formats and modalities to help them best achieve their goals, fast.

We Have a Vast Global Network

2 campuses. Established hiring partners. And experienced professionals who have instrumental in success at some of the world’s Fortune 100 companies are three of our biggest assets. In addition to courses designed exclusively to meet employer needs, we foster a pipeline of industry professionals who serve as instructors, mentors, and coaches. This thriving professional network helps our recent graduates find jobs and make connections, setting them up for success on the job, and in life.

We Adapt to the Market

Dynamic fields like data science and web development evolve in real time, and we continuously pilot, launch, and sunset programs to respond to market demand and the evolution of tools and techniques. Our world class team of instructional designers, subject matter experts, and education product managers continuously refresh our content to ensure relevancy. By leveraging data, feedback, and insights from our proprietary assessments, we produce coursework that results in maximum impact on the job.

We Focus on Employer Needs and Relationships

Deep employer relationships have always been an essential part of our DNA. We also provide hiring solutions for companies seeking a diverse pipeline of candidates who are job-ready, armed with in-demand skills.

We Invest in Access and Opportunity

As part of our commitment to accessible and affordable education, we're focused on developing programs and financing options to ensure that students have the means and support systems they need to learn at skill.velocity. Our innovative hybrid and online immersive programs reach individuals who live outside major metro areas and give them access to the same quality education our campuses are known for.