Go further, faster with Skill Velocity

Our ever-changing, always-connected global economy demands a workforce skilled in the art of tech. At Skill Velocity, we’ve designed courses not just to educate you, but to train you to step into a job you’re well-suited for right after completing our program.

It’s about being employed now and having a foundation of skills that will take you far. That’s why we offer a variety of options that span from the more technical courses in fields like blockchain and mobile app development to more holistic professional workshops on communication and presentations.

Our courses have been designed around you, packing lots of crucial information into a short time to account for your limited schedule. And you always have the option of taking only courses that you want to take and feel will most benefit you as an individual.

We Have Access To A Thriving Network

Two great centers, an established network of hiring partners, and a team of experienced professionals who have worked in Fortune 100 companies are just three of Skill Velocity’s main attractions.

But our benefits don’t stop there.

In addition to courses designed exclusively to meet employer needs, we foster a thriving professional network that helps our recent graduates find jobs and make connections, setting them up for success on the job, and in life.

We Adapt to the Market

The world of tech doesn’t stay the same for any length of time, and neither do our courses. We continually adapt, edit, and change our programs to respond to a changing world. Our instructional designers, subject matter experts, and education product managers never stop improving our content. So no matter when or where you choose to study with us, you can be sure that you’re getting the latest and greatest training possible.

We Focus on Employer Needs and Relationships

Deep employer relationships have always been an essential part of our DNA. We also provide hiring solutions for companies seeking a diverse pipeline of candidates who are job-ready, armed with in-demand skills.

When you train with Skill Velocity, you not only get the skills you need but the contacts you need also. Your time here could turn into a long, illustrious career.